SFB 1123 Atherosclerosis-Mechanisms and Networks of Novel Therapeutic Targets

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Thesis Advisory Committee


The doctoral candidate is supervised by an authorized person (supervisor), who can be a member of the Medical Faculty, or from another faculty at the LMU or can belong to an external institution.

Thesis advisory committee (TAC)

Every doctoral candidate will create and benefit from a designated thesis advisory committee (TAC). The TAC is comprised of the supervisor, a second reviewer and a third person. All areas of the research project should be appropriately covered. At least two members of the TAC must be members of the LMU's Medical Faculty. TAC meetings will take place once per year, at the end of the third and the fifth semester, to oversee the PhD student’s progress and feasibility of the work plan. It is the responsibility of the PhD student to schedule these meetings.

Target Agreements

Together with his/her TAC, the Ph.D. candidate signs a target agreement, which not only reflects the supervision, but also gives information on the planned research project, milestones, curricular elements, etc. The target agreement is signed by all TAC members and the Ph.D. candidate. It must be handed in by the end of the second semester at the very latest, otherwise the Ph.D. candidate will be exmatriculated from the program.

PhD Medical Research - Timeline

PhD Medical Research Timeline

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Guidelines for TAC
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