SFB 1123 Atherosclerosis-Mechanisms and Networks of Novel Therapeutic Targets

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MMRS LogoPhD Training Program

We will offer a 3 year PhD training program which will allow candidates to collect the required ECTS for the PhD title. Further information about the structured PhD and required ECTS are available on the Munich Medical Research School (MMRS) website, the central institution at the LMU's medical faculty for all matters relating to doctoral studies.

For current dates of lectures and events please refer to the News and Events section.

  • CRC1123 Seminar Series (45-60 min, every other Monday at 18h/6pm)
  • IRTG1123 Basic Principles Lectures (45-60 min, every other Monday at 17h/5pm)
    • Animal models of atherosclerosis
    • Leukocyte recruitment cascade
    • The chemokine interactome
    • Innate immunity in atherosclerosis
    • Adaptive immunity in atherosclerosis
    • Hematopoietic stem cells
    • Lipid metabolism in atherosclerosis
    • Lipid mediators in atherosclerosis
    • Neuroendocrine control of metabolism and atherosclerosis
    • Common and distinct traits of brain and vascular inflammation
    • Cell death pathways
    • Non-coding RNAs and epigenetic regulation
    • Nanomedicine in atherosclerosis
    • Advanced microscopic imaging techniques
    • Optoacoustics
    • Synthesis and biophysical methods in atherosclerosis research
    • Mouse models for fate mapping
    • Novel technologies for generating transgenic mouse models
    • Large animal models
    • Clinical study cohorts
    • Genome wide, transcriptomic and proteomic profiling
    • Basic and advanced bioinformatics
  • Advanced Methods Courses (1-2 days courses, will be announced in advance)
    • Static and perfusion-based ex vivo adhesion and migration assays
    • Imaging leukocyte recruitment in vivo – introduction to intravital microscopy
    • Models of plaque destabilization
    • Atherothrombosis models
    • Confocal and STED microscopy
    • Whole mounted organ imaging using two-photon laser scanning microscopy
    • Laser microdissection and gene expression analysis of isolated plaque cells
    • Advanced flow cytometry methods
    • In vitro assessment of intracellular signaling, protein interaction and metabolism
    • Big data analysis
  • Soft Skills Courses (1x per semester, or according to students´needs)
    • Presentation skills
    • Career in Science
    • How to communicate confidence
    • How to combine clinical duties and scientific research? (targeting MD students)
  • Annual Retreat (will be announced in advance)
  • Thesis Advisory Committee (see Thesis Advisory Commitee)
  • Organisation of Lecture series and meetings
  • Training opportunities from other institutions in Munich