SFB 1123 Atherosclerosis-Mechanisms and Networks of Novel Therapeutic Targets

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We will offer a 3 year PhD training program which will allow the students to collect the required ECTS for the PhD title. Further information about the structured PhD and required ECTS are available on the MMRS website.

Lecture series

CRC1123 lecture series are in the format 45-60 min, and take place every other Monday, at 18h. Location: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Lecture Hall F1.08 (Kleiner Hörsaal Physiologie), Pettenkoferstr. 14.

Basic principles seminars

Basic principle seminars are in the format 2x 45-60min. Depending on the topic to be covered, there may be the need to have blocks of seminars. These seminars take place every other Monday, alternating with the lecture series.

IRTG general attendance sheet Download

IRTG lecture attendance sheet WS 2018_19 Download

Advanced methods courses

Advanced methods courses will take 1-2 days. Courses will be announced in advance.

Soft skills courses

Soft skills courses will take place 1x per semester, and according to the students’ needs.

• Presentation skills
• Career in Science
• How to communicate confidence
• How to combine clinical duties and scientific research? (targeting MD students)

Annual Retreat

The time and place will be announced in advance.

Thesis advisory committee

A thesis advisory committee will be assigned for every doctoral research student, before their registration. Thesis advisory committee (TAC) meetings will take place once per year to oversee the PhD student’s progress and feasibility of the work plan. Scheduling of these meetings are of the responsibility of the PhD student.

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TAC Guidelines PhD

TAC Meeting Report

Organization of lecture series and meetings

Every PhD student will be responsible to inviting speakers to the lecture series. In addition the PhD students are to be enrolled in the organization of these lecture series as well as some activities in the annual retreat meetings.

Training opportunities from other institutions in Munich

Our PhD students are also encouraged to attend selective lectures and soft skill courses from other graduate programs available in Munich. Certificates of attendance can be accredited for the collection of ECTS points required for the structured PhD program.

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