SFB 1123 Atherosclerosis-Mechanisms and Networks of Novel Therapeutic Targets

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Gender Program


Insufficient participation by women compromises efficiency and excellence in academia. A successful strategy for gender equality delivers significant added value. Gender equality enhances research quality because it enlarges the talent pool and promotes a diversity of research perspectives.
Within CRC 1123, only ~20% of all Principal Investigators are female. In order to promote gender equality, this CRC will concretize and implement Research-oriented Standards on Gender Equality. Specific measures will include mentoring programs, child-care support and promotion of excellent female scientists.

Specific measures for gender equality

  • We will promote the participation of CRC members in LMU and other seminars (e.g. LMU-Mentoring, LMU-EXTRA) and provide financial support if required
  • Mentoring of successful recruitment strategies and career choices for female scientists
  • Young researcher parents will receive financial support to cover child-care expenses (e.g. outside the regular opening hours of local day care centers and due to project-related reasons)
  • Compensation for absence or reduced hours due to child-care by student helpers
  • CRC career program, 1-2 day course with female speakers
  • Individual coaching by Paul Charlton - permanent offer for female PIs upon individual request
  • KidsBox –emergency (bed, diapers, toys) if child-care is absolutely unavailable

Women's Representative

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Sabine Steffens