SFB 1123 Atherosclerosis-Mechanisms and Networks of Novel Therapeutic Targets

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Projects Area Z: Central projects

Z01: Macroscopic, microscopic, and nanoscopic (label free) imaging of atherosclerosis

Project Z1 aims to support translational lead developments and their validation in the field of experimental atherosclerosis under physiological conditions by offering a strong bio-imagingenvironment based on optical imaging technologies. In addition to the benefits for cardiovascular science, the CRC environment will advance the novel technologies into new fields of experimental (and clinical) research and further improve (multimodal) contrast/labeling strategies by creating tools to bridge optical and optoacoustic modalities. As a proof-of-principle, the compartmentalization of myeloid progenitors in bone marrow of atherosclerotic models will be studied.

Z02: Proteomics profiling, bioinformatics data and network analysis

Project Z2 provides a bioanalytical and bioinformatics platform for SFB1123 projects. Many findings on atherosclerotic processes and networks result from transcriptomics profiling of gene, miRNA, and lncRNA expression. These need to be extended and validated via proteomics measurements. Z2 supports experimental planning, and performs mass-spec based (MS) proteomic measurements and associated data analysis (Aim 1). A mass spec imaging (MSI) platform will be established to obtain spatial resolution of lipids, metabolites and peptides (Aim 2). Measurements will be integrated with data and networks from other projects and public resources (Aims 3 & 4).

Z03: administration