SFB 1123 Atherosclerosis-Mechanisms and Networks of Novel Therapeutic Targets

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Official start of our educational program

Our Integrated PhD graduate program IRTG 1123 as part of the CRC 1123 started with a first student meeting in which the study program was presented and joint ideas for educational guest lectures, a scientific Kickoff meeting as well as the first IRTG Retreat in Spring 2019, where collected. So far, eighteen PhD Students and three MD students, coming from many different countries, universities and institutes, have registered with our program. All of them are working on a specific topic within our CRC 1123 in our main research focus, Atherosclerosis.

We would also like to announce the election of three temporarily student representatives:

Jelena Milic (AG Bernhagen, ISD, LMU)
Madeleine Müller (AG Döring, IPEK, LMU)
Philipp Müller (AG Kessler, DHM, TUM)

 PhD fellowships
We are offering annual PhD fellowships for international students, who are interested to join our new graduate program. Subsequent funding will require application for a fellowship from funding organizations such as Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation, DAAD or the LMU-CSC program. In addition, a limited number of positions will be offered by available funds for individual projects according to DFG guidelines (TV-L E13, 65%). See Eligibility Requirements for details about the application for a PhD position.

MD fellowships
In addition, we are offering 6 MD thesis fellowships (up to 12 months) for medical students from LMU and TUM that would like to perform an experimental research project in one of the participating research groups. A minimum commitment of 6-12 months full time experimental lab work (1-2 “Freisemester”) is required. Please check the CRC1123 research program of the participating groups to select your favorite project. For more details about MD thesis fellowships, please contact Sabine.Steffens@med.uni-muenchen.de