SFB 1123 Atherosclerosis-Mechanisms and Networks of Novel Therapeutic Targets

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Basic principles seminars

• Animal models of atherosclerosis
• Leukocyte recruitment cascade
• The chemokine interactome
• Innate immunity in atherosclerosis
• Adaptive immunity in atherosclerosis
• Hematopoietic stem cells
• Lipid metabolism in atherosclerosis
• Lipid mediators in atherosclerosis
• Neuroendocrine control of metabolism and atherosclerosis
• Common and distinct traits of brain and vascular inflammation
• Cell death pathways
• Non-coding RNAs and epigenetic regulation
• Nanomedicine in atherosclerosis
• Advanced microscopic imaging techniques
• Optoacoustics
• Synthesis and biophysical methods in atherosclerosis research
• Mouse models for fate mapping
• Novel technologies for generating transgenic mouse models
• Large animal models
• Clinical study cohorts
• Genome wide, transcriptomic and proteomic profiling
• Basic and advanced bioinformatics

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